All Task Orders

Last Updated on 04/23/2013

Solicitation Number TO Number Zone Description Subcontractors Involved Award Date Customer Point of Contact Award Value
N00024-05-R-3078 N00178-04-D-4149-0002 2 Program Management, Technology Assessment, Rquirements Analysis and Strategic Planning Support for NSQC/IHDIV. Bob Lawrence & Associates, Inc. 02/25/2005 Mary Sandy
N00024-06-R-3083 N00178-04-D-4149-FG01
FG01 Modifications
2 CAD-PAD JPO Office Program Support
05/31/2006 Paulette Bowman
N00024-08-R-3031 N00178-04-D-4149-M801
3 Ship ATC Landing Systems Upgrades/Modifications
Tecnico, PSS
11/21/2008 Rhonda Garcia
301- 757-7057
N00024-09-R-3126 0002 N00178-04-D-4149-FG02
FG02 Modifications
2 CAD-Pad JPO Office Program Support Various 07/30/2009 Mary Sandy
N00024-12-R-3434 0001 N00178-04-D-4149-MU61 2 Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) Equipment Maintenance Test Support (EMTs) PrimeTech International Inc. and JAM Corporation 10/12/2012 Stacy Coolican

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